Soul-Fuelled Storytelling 101

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[50% OFF] Rave Reviews Swipe File

One of the MOST MAGNETIC stories you can share  is the BEFORE DURING - AFTER story of how your ideal clients feel When they work with you.

By developing a process for regularly asking for rave reviews you will discover the precise language to capture and communicate your work in the world and magnetise even more of your fits-like-a-glove clients (all completely, absolutely ick-free!)

This swipe file includes:

  • the exact questions to ask to capture the BEFORE- DURING - AFTER story arc of your client experience
  • the precise points and process I use to get glowing rave reviews on AUTOPILOT, and on REPEAT
  • and tips on how I use these rave reviews to create compelling copy that is MAGNETIC to more fits-like-a-glove clients.

And it's available to you for HALF the usual price!

AUD 24.50

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Soul-Fuelled Storytelling 101

I know that big beautiful heart of yours wants to contribute to the world ...

But you're so freaking exhausted by trying to work out how to get your gifts OUT THERE, especially amidst the sea of soul-less 'magic pill' marketing + cookie cutter copywriting advice ...

You know that stuff that feels completely out of alignment with YOU and YOUR TRUTH?

I am here to help YOU be fully SEEN + HEARD amongst all the noise, through the magic + power of storytelling!

Get Instant Access to Soul-Fuelled Storytelling 101 and learn:

- WHY storytelling is the key to capturing and communicating your work in the world

- the six soul-fuelled Stories your SHOULD be SHARING and 

- how to become utterly irresistible to your perfect-fit ideal clients


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