The "must-have" mini course to go from Menopausal 'meh' ... to Midlife Mojo!

I know right now you're thinking "I just don't feel like myself anymore", or even "wth is wrong with me?".

Please, know that you're NOT alone

Millions of women in their 30s and 40s all over the world find themselves BLINDSIDED by the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of perimenopause.

But don't worry - I have your back!

I created this menoPAUSE Mini-Course so you'll be able to navigate perimenopause with way more education and empowerment than I did.

This ten bite-sized lessons mini-course will help you:

- understand the physical, emotional and mental changes that can occur 

- reframe perimenopause as a natural and normal transition

- learn to take care of your changing needs, so you can ride the rollercoaster with less stress & way more ease  

Midlife Mojo
Kylie Patchett: KP Kreative

“Before working with Kylie, I was dealing with the unfamiliar territory of medically induced menopause post a Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment. Mood changes were my biggest concern.

The best thing was learning tools to physically self soothe, and feeling really good about self care as a priority. I notice I am now able to notice tension or anger rising and self regulate and I am more able to notice thought patterns I want to change.”

Adelaide Australia

Hey there, I'm Kylie!

Like a switch had been flipped when I turned 47, I went from reasonably “stable”, energetic, capable woman to

... swinging from rage to bawling my eyes out in 2.3 secs

... struggling to sleep more than 2 hours at a time

... dropping balls left right and centre and

... emotionally drowning under a pile of unhealed trauma that I just couldn’t keep under the surface anymore.


As an ex-biologist, I was shocked that compared to my vague notion that "one day, when I'm old, my periods will just stop one day”the reality of the sudden changes I experienced left me seriously struggling.

I made it my mission to learn all I could about this menoPAUSE thing, was forced to learn how to take truly care of myself for the first time in my life, and have made massive life shifts as a result.

These days, I help other midlife women walk this sometimes messy, sometimes magical journey with more awareness, compassion and way more self care.

I am so glad you’re here,: you're about to get the truth-talking education and empowerment you need to best care and advocate for yourself.

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