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to get started on your Self Care journey straight away!


I know Perimenopause can feel like such an up, down and sideways rollercoaster ride ... and just when you THINK you've got it all figured out, something else changes and you're back to feeling stretched.

But no matter how disconnected, stressed and just 'not yourself' you feel, you are not alone.

Millions of women all around the world are waking up in their 30s and 40s blindsided by unexpected physical, emotional and mental changes, unaware of the normal and natural perimenopause transition that's unfolding (a transition that is SO different to the "one day my periods will just stop" expectation a lot of us have ... and can take up to 12 years!).


That is exactly why I created the Soothe Sanctuary.

A safe, supportive, soulful space where women in midlife gather, a place to take some true time out, to learn to calm your mind, soothe your nervous system, feel safe in your body and more EASEfully traverse this sometimes tricky transition


Soothe phone

Soothe Sanctuary opens for enrolment in Southern Hemi autumn 2024, and space will be offered to the Waitlist in the first instance.

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when we swing doors open!


You're in the right place if ...

  • Physically, your body somehow feels different
You’re not sleeping, maybe you’re running hot - at all hours of the day and bloody night, your joints are aching, your body composition is changing but you haven’t changed anything about how you move or eat, and your libido … well, it’s long since left the building. 

  • Mentally, you’re starting to feel like you’re not running on all cylinders. 
Maybe you’re having trouble concentrating or you’ve got the brain fog going on, or you find yourself forgetting words, or not being able to remember stuff as easily and you’re dropping important balls (scarily, it’s occurred to you that early dementia may have come a-knocking).

  • Emotionally, holy wow, you’re all over the shop. 
You’ve got nowhere near as much in the tank as you used to, you’ve definitely got way less tolerance for BS, you’ve got an ever-decreasing amount of fcks to give. And you’re finding yourself anxious, experiencing low mood, worsening PMT, or full of rage for one minute / teary the next, and your ability to cope with stress is not the same.

And overall, you're just not feeling like yourself anymore.

You're also in the right place if ...

  • You've got an inkling that no matter how pushed-through-the-eye-of-a-needle you feel right now, there's big magic afoot, and the wise woman's call to make changes in your life, your health, the way you tend to yourself are becoming too hard to ignore.
  • You want to learn to ride the waves of self-doubt and discombobulation with love, gentleness and impeccable presence, and you're brave enough and ready enough to ask and answer the big questions, to be real with yourself and your loved ones about your ever-changing needs
  • And most of all, you're ready to answer the call: to burn it all down, the ego, the long-held limits, the childhood conditioning, the leaky boundaries and all the roles you no longer wish to play, to ask for support if and when you need it and ultimately  … to set yourself free. 

You just want to move through this tricky transition a.k.a. powerful portal of rebirth with more calm, more ease, and a big dollop of self-love and compassion.

I've spent the last two years gently, patiently cradling myself whilst I burnt down my old Self, and honoured, connected, repatterned, surrendered my way into this, my midlife metamorphosis.

As a mind, body, and breath qualified coach, I had to dig deep into my self-care toolbox and commit to taking care of my ever-changing emotional, mental and physical needs at a whole new level. 

 And whilst painful at times, hands down this perimenopausal rollercoaster has been the breeding ground for my deepest and most profound transformation yet

... and I'm just getting started!



Here's what us women need to know 

Just like puberty is a painful, powerful, potent portal to shift from child to adult 

… and it took surrendering who you used to be to make the time and space to morph into a new version of yourself as “grown up”.

(and if you’re a mama) Just like labor is a painful, powerful, potent portal to birth a new little being into this plane 
… and it took surrendering who you used to be to make the time and space to morph into a new version of yourself as mother 

... Perimenopause is a painful, powerful, potent portal for (re)birthing yourself …

and it takes surrendering who you used to be to make the time and space to morph into a new version of yourself as wise woman.

And it will take as long as it takes. 

But just as surely as the spring always follows winter in seasons, and day always follows night, we can rest easy knowing that … 
with time and patience and lots of self-kindness, you will transition through perimenopause, and emerge into the second spring of your life.


I've made it my mission to educate myself, practise and hone my ability self-soothe and release what no longer serves me ...

so I can move through this powerful rite of passage with more ease, grace and way more self-compassion ... and emerge wild + (finally fcking) free to be the real Me in the second half of life 

And I am so honoured to be sharing the same tools with my midlife sisters.

Here's the layers of support you'll find inside the

Soothe Self Care Sanctuary

Live Soothe Sessions

Gentle Mind, Body and Breath practices to help you unwind your mind, settle your nervous system and release tension. 

Join live from the comfort of your own home, or replay your favourite sessions on-demand.

Midlife Masterclasses 

Understanding what's behind our shifting physiology in midlife is super empowering.

Each masterclass covers a key piece of awareness: including seasonal awareness of Womanhood, trauma and menopausal mental health and the stress / peri overlap.

Live Guest Expert Calls

 Each month we speak live to a Guest Expert about a specific Midlife Magic topic, including nutrition, body image, the psychology of aging and more.

And yes, there's ample time for Q and A! to get your individual concerns answered.

Plus your Back to Basics Self Care Library

Easy, actionable, fit-into-real-life-able tools to support your perimenopausal rollercoaster ride: 
on-demand whenever and wherever you need it.


Guided meditation, nidra & restorative practices perfect for those days you feel scattered and shattered, wired and tired and want to feel calm and balanced.


High-quality self-enquiry prompts to get clear on the stuff in life that you just can't tolerate anymore and have the courage to do something about it.


Specific tools to aid emotional release and shift your state. Think Emotional Freedom Technique, Internal Family Systems, Somatics, and more.


Self tending when you're feeling stretched, overwhelmed or flat out unable to cope. Root down into a felt sense of safety and nourishment. 


Proactive evidence-proven practises to proactively focus on brain, bone, heart and pelvic floor health as you enter post-menopause ... so our health span matches our lifespan.

Kylie Patchett: KP Kreative

“Before joining SOOTHE, I was dealing with unfamiliar territory of medically induced menopause post a Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment. Mood changes were my biggest concern.

I was somewhat in tune with my body, but I did not prioritise self-care.

I notice I am now able to notice tension or anger rising and self regulate and I am more able to notice thought patterns I want to change.

This was such an empowering and enjoyable self care experience in a relaxing & safe environment.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my wise woman heart! This whole experience has been such a gift and really time for me. ”

Soothe grad and Alchemy client

Kylie Patchett: KP Kreative

“It was such an honour for Kylie to ask me to be a guest in the Soothe immersion program in May.

And it ended up being such a gift for me to have such a divine conversation with the amazing women within this group. We shared some deep wisdom and insights, and I gained as much, if not more than I had managed to impart.

Being a witness to the beautifully safe, inclusive and daringly vulnerable container Kylie had created was incredible.

I highly recommend the Soothe Immersion to any woman looking to connect with herself, and other women, during this magical, challenging and inspiring transition period”

Soothe May 23 Q and A guest

Kylie Patchett: KP Kreative

“Before I joined SOOTHE, I felt at the height of shit in my peri menopausal journey.

Mentally, I was struggling with mood swings, brain fob, feeling like I always wanted to cry, lack of motivation.

Although my self-care was ok, I needed a little extra push to really take care of myself.

I loved everything about SOOTHE.- the mind, body and breath tools we learn, the chance to share with others going through this transition, and the guest session.

Now, I'm definitely more mindful of what my needs are and know when to give myself the time, space and love that I need. ”

Soothe grad

Like it or not: as messy as it feels right now, these midlife years have a rather magical purpose.

You’re smack bang in the middle of a powerful, potent, sometimes painful portal - the Rite of Passage of perimenopause.
The bridge between your younger, energetic, dating and mating, climbing the ladder, easily able to juggle self ...

and your older, wiser, take no bullshit, deeply anchored in your own internal guidance, free of old obligation, duty, roles and responsibility and way more fcking powerful woman within. 

And from the other side of this powerful portal, that wise woman inside you is Calling.
“It is time”, she says.
To take the time to rest.
To settle your tired, wired nervous systems.
To rest and restore.

“It is time”, she says. 
To learn to soothe yourself 
to listen and respond to your ever-changing needs
to have the courage to ask and answer the questions you really want to ask. 
Who the fk am I? 
What do I want? 
Is this really all there is? 
Is it time to walk away (from this job, this relationship, this life?)

“It is time”, she says.
To let go of every single pattern of self-neglect, boundary-crossing, people-pleasing, good girl, self-abandoning BS.

The truth is there are huge changes afoot. And still, there is nothing wrong with you.

You are not broken. 
You certainly don’t need fixing. 

Your hormonal balance is shifting. 
Your brain is literally reorganising. 
Your digestion, your sleep, your metabolism, your thermostat are all changing. 

And yes, these midlife years are BOTH messy and magical, painful and powerful, fierce and freeing.

And it’s way more simple to navigate these changing waters
if you get more quiet, more still, more gentle, more reverent + way more used to using your “sacred no”.

When you have the ability to soothe yourself. 

Soothe inclusions

With your all-inclusive membership, you'll receive:

  • Instant access to a growing library of Mind, Body, Breath content to support you through the mess and magic of midlife
  • Instant Access to monthly Midlife Masterclasses and monthly Guest Expert Q and A calls
  • 2 x 90-minute live Soothe Sessions with Kylie each month, with recording available if you can't make it live and 
  • Instant access to over 30 bite-sized videos, self-enquiry prompts and meditations in your Back to Basics Self Care Library.

To make sure you have a solid foundation of education and empowerment for this menoPAUSE journey, you'll also receive:

  • Chaos to Calm - menoPAUSE course to give you my top ten self-care snacks for calming and recentring
  • Midlife Mojo - menoPAUSE mini-course to help you understand wth is happening with all these emotional, physical, mental and spiritual changes
  • Revolutionary Rest - menoPAUSE yoga nidra for deeply nourishing and reviving with yogic sleep
  • Calling my Power Home - menoPAUSE meditation to rest and reclaim your precious midlife resources
soothe bonuses

All for just $333 AUD for an entire year

(that's about $210 USD or €200)


Got Qs? I got As

When are the monthly Soothe Sessions?

Live Soothe sessions with Kylie are offered twice per month with one call in morning East Coast Australia time and the other in the evening East Coast Australia time.

Monthly guest expert calls are offered once per month at various times. 

All calls are recorded and added to your Soothe Sanctuary portal the same day.


What do I need to bring to live sessions?

Ideally, you will have a quiet space just for you somewhere in the home if possible - this is a sacred space to offer yourself some grace, compassion and reconnection with yourself. 

BYO a yoga mat, blocks and bolster if you own them; if not, no stress, instead you can BYO small and large cushions and have something comfy ready to lie on like a soft blanket or rug - we will on the floor for some of each session.

Bring something to write in - a journal or free pages is aok, no digital devices please - this is about downloading from your beautiful heart to your equally beautiful hands. 

How long will I have access to the content?

All resources and bonuses listed are included in your annual membership. Live sessions are recorded and the replay of each session added to the membership portal. These are available for on-demand access for your entire Soothe Sanctuary annual membership. 

Membership renews each year, and you can cancel your membership at any time. 

I am not very flexible or have a differently abled body - can I still join?

If you are not able to be on the floor for any reason, or you have a differently abled body in some other way ... I will be providing options for you too, so please do NOT let that stop you from joining us - just like in a yoga room, all bodies and abilities are WELCOME!

If you are worried about anything specific and would like to have a chat or email to feel it through before investing, please reach out to us at

Does the Soothe Sanctuary include personal coaching?

Whilst Kylie is a Mind, Body and Breath qualified coach, and each session will include reflection questions and space to feel into the ways in which you can self soothe, the sessions will not includ personal coaching for individuals.

If you would like personal coaching, you can choose to say yes when you are offered the 1:1 ADD ON of three personal coaching sessions with Kylie at checkout.

If you have any questions about what can be covered in these sessions, please reach out to Kylie personally at

I'm not a big people person so I am not sure about being in a group?

I totally understand. I have moved from being a raging  extrovert earlier in life, to being not much of a people person in my midlife. 

Our SOOTHE sessions are a group immersion space, which means we will meet online via zoom for each live session. 

You will have the opportunity to share if you want to, but will not be asked specifically to do so, nor will you ever be forced to do anything that does not feel good for you. 

If you are nervous about showing your face, you can have your camera off if you would like. 

I will always give you the option of being seen, as this can prevent the feelings of isolation that can engulf us if mental health or mood is one of the waves that overcome you during midlife. It will always be your choice.


Does Soothe include specific nutrition/mental health/medical advice?

The SOOTHE Immersion is everything inside my scope:
- sleep science
- shiatsu, five element theory, Oriental psychology
- yoga, breath work and yoga for the stages of menopause
- Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Timeline Hypnotherapy, Internal Family Systems
- Integrative holistic health coaching

and my personal lived experience as a trauma survivor, being in recovery from disordered eating, and navigating a ADHD/Autism diagnosis. 

... and absolutely nothing outside of it. 

(as an ex-expert witness, I am VERY darn good at knowing what is and is not in my field of expertise - and connecting you to the right resources if you ask something I am unable to answer inside of my own formal qualification and lived experience)

Each month we will be joined by a special guest in our Q and A session. Some of these guests will have specific qualifications - for example in menopause nutrition. These sessions are intended for general information only, and not for medical or specific advice for your individual needs and circumstances. 

We will cover when you should seek specific medical and or allied health support and how to access this in your country where I can provide this information. 


I have a different question - can you help?

Sure thing - shoot Team KP an email at and ask away!


Wouldn't it be nice to feel you've finally got the knowledge, support & menopAUSE know-how you need to feel calmer, more connected to your own needs and able to traverse this sometimes tricky transition with more ease?

I'll see you on the inside