When your perfect fit client goes looking for the precise problem you solve . . .    

And they're faced with roughly three-hundred and eleventy billion other coaches, social media experts, somatic therapists or virtual assistants, how do they pick you out amidst all the noise?

What do you think they’re responding to when they decide to book that call, click the link, or hand over the cash? 

It’s your energy, your language, the FEELING they get when they hear the WHY behind what you do in the world. 

We humans learn, connect and build relationships through storytelling. We’ve been doing it for thousands of years, and that perfect fit client, they’ll respond most strongly to you when your story, your why, your breadcrumbs resonate with them.

So let me ask you this: a) Do you know your story?
*seems odd to ask, I know, but most of us are so close to our own work & lives that we miss the golden threads woven together to form our desire to do THIS work with THESE people*

and b) Do you know how to clearly capture & communicate your story?
in a way that both enthrals & engages your fit-like-a-glove clients?

If your Life's calling has the power to heal, empower & teach people

... and it ripples out and heals the very fabric of our families, communities & world
.... and it breaks down systems of oppression or fcks up the status-quo in any shape or form and
... you see life from well outside the [work yourself to the bone | sacrifice your sanity | only young-thin-white-bodies are worthy] lies we've been sold.

You, my sweets, are MY dream storytelling client.

And I would LOVE to help you help the world.  

(Yes! I'm talking to you rebel raisers, old wisdom healers, fellow neurosparklies, status-quo challengers, magic makers, game-changers)

*ahem* if you're looking for a dry, old-school, writes-by-formula, snore-worthy copy writer, I am hands-down-no-doubt NOT the woman for the job... 







Here's the thing - the marketplace is crowded

and unless you are the only freshly-minted coach specialising in a micro niche 

(teens aged 15 to 16 who are twins, living in a single suburb in Atlanta, Georgia and who love Harry Stiles, for instance) 

there are going to be a lot of other people out there who DO what you DO.


Somatic Therapists -  at least 1000s ... it's the new craze right!? Life coaches - damn-tooting there's at least 100 000s of these deliciously delightful people out there. Yoga teachers - one on every corner of the interwebs these days (hey there - me too!)
Shamanism/Animism/Soul Alchemy-packing witches - oodles and oodles and oodles of magickal folk making Universal ripples 

However ... There is no other single human bean on the planet who shares the same story as you.

The same upbringing, the same values system, the same perspective, the same path and ultimately the same WHY behind what you do. 

And that means it's not WHAT you do that needs to be shared, it's WHY you do it, and how your clients FEEL when they work with your unique gifts.

So what gets in the way?

Well there's the fact that the patriarchy has been shoving all sorts of utter fcking bullshit down our throats for more than 4000+ years

"don't take up too much space"
"it's dangerous to speak out",
"do not rise above and shine"
"do not show your power, use your power, even be aware of your power"

Plus there's the fact that women pretty much across the board suck at writing about themselves
you feel an "ick factor" that makes you seize up even thinking about writing about yourself. 

you don't feel comfy blowing your own horn (cue intense fear of rejection or criticism)
or you don't stop to ask and appreciate how your clients felt when working with you and really marinate in their transformations.

Then there's the fact that you may be amaze-balls at what you do for a living,
but writing doesn't come naturally to you

(I'm guessing not everyone was vaccinated with a gramophone needle and wrote story after story after story when they were a little kid .. no - just me!?)

And even if none of the above was true, and you were immune to the patriarchy nonsense, comfy with writing and not afraid to toot your own horn (as it should be)...


You're probably still communicating with language that makes us THINK, and not FEEL.

And Feeling? Well, that's where the magic's at.

You're communicating facts: like your qualifications, or your session length, or your program features. *yawn*
or you're communicating what you want people to do: like click here, buy this, sign up for that. *clickety-click-click away*

And here's what you really need to do
(Well for starters, stop boring me or trying to bed me on the first date will you?)

Well before you tell the facts, the qualifications your work is grounded on or worse, try to get me to DO something before you've bothered to share anything at all that can help me feel into if I want to stay around, or click away toot-de-sweet..

Tell me about your life, your story, your deep and abiding why.. ..

the breadcrumbs that led you here: the drive, the passion, the commitment

the real life experience (and then yes, the formal qualifications) behind what you do in the world.





Make us SWOON with the energy of your work

  Let us MARINATE in the magnetism of your heart, allow me in to SEE and FEEL the true you



... so the true me can say "oh hey there, I see you" or "oh fck no, she's not my people".


Because the very undoing of any heart-driven woman is to go out to the marketplace primped, and polished, and professional resume'd to the wazooooo .... so much so that we lose sight of you the human, you the lover, you the mother, you the daughter, the sister, the friend.

Don't tell me who you think we want you to be (perfect, guru, leader, expert), tell me who you be at 3am when life feels like it will crack you open ... with doom or with delight.

That - right there - is where the goosebumps-all-over magic is.

The marketplace is saturated with people using words like a vulnerability deflection shield. And whilst this may have worked back in the day, or in corporate land, your clients do not want it, they do not need it, and if you really are a game-changer, a rebel raiser, an old wisdom healer  - you don't want it either. 

It's time to share the story of you - all the warts, all the wonder, everything.

Because not sharing your true story means hands-down, 100% you're leaving both IMPACT & INCOME on the table.

And goodness knows the world needs all the healing and helping it can get right now.

You're in the right place if ...

  • You've been in business for a few years now
and along the way, you've worn many hats, including that of branding and copy DIY-er. But now, you've got this sense that It's time to up-level your business and your brand to match your own growth and evolution.

  • Deep down, you know your branding, copy and content just doesn't *quite* capture your essence 

if you're honest your website and online presence is a little bit all over the place. You've been tweaking and changing things as your work evolves, or you've hired a copywriter and/or designer before but what they created leaves you feeling a wee bit 'meh'.

  • You're ready for visibility and to have your natural gifts received on a whole other level
way back in the early days when you had no living proof of the power of the work you do it was easy to minimise, hide or out-humble yourself, but now every single cell in your body is ready to shout your precise healing and helping potency from the rooftops.

You're also in the right place if .. ..

  • You're ready to co-create a brand, content and copy that perfectly captures you

You're not interested in settling for some write-by-formula or yawn-worthy design solution - you're ready for an online presence that feels like a full-bodied "oh yes... there I am" sense of recognition and 'rightness'

  • You want to simplify, clarify and intensify your message, and the look and feel of your business

In a way that effortlessly engages and enraptures your fits-like-a-glove clients, and gently repels those that are not ready or not right for the work you do.

  • You have the resources (time, energy, cash) to invest in working with someone who truly sees, hears and knows you

My process is one of co-creating. We'll meet, we'll chat, I'll let my intuition and innate curiosity guide me way down deep... and once I've created each draft, you'll respond .. .. and we'll bounce back and forth until we craft what feels "just right"

I'm Kylie, and I've been capturing and communicating in the medical science, health and wellbeing & community health sectors for more than 2 decades.

I am not a classically trained copywriter or designer. And that's good news for both of us. 

[You absolutely will not find boring, formulaic, "proper business" copywriting or same-old, same-old design here] 

What I AM is a natural-born storyteller with an innate gift of asking *just* the right questions to get way down deep into the hearts and minds of women - and specifically, the women drawn to healing, teaching, and expanding the world. 

and someone who has an eye for colour, shape and form and the way they can be woven together and alchemised to communicate the very energy behind you and your brand.


I've been a University lecturer, an expert witness and forensic biologist, a GM of a medical science company, designed and delivered health and wellbeing programs in the mining and mental health sectors, and been in business development, marcomms or stakeholder-facing positions for what feels like forever. 

I'm also a trained professional speaker, a qualified mindset coach, and a qualified trainer, assessor, and instructional designer.

In a nutshell, I'm a gun at breaking stuff down, simplifying it, and storytelling through word, shape, form and colour for learning, connecting and business-building purposes.

Add to that my other natural talent for interviewing people - my curiosity leads me to ask questions that get right down deep to the heart of the matter - and I've got a knack for revealing the golden thread weaving through our client's lives and weaving that into magnetic messaging and soul-aligned brands which are utterly irresistible to their best-fit ideal clients.

My [ADHD + autism] neurosparkliness + Channel of Judgement / Cross of the Four Ways Human Design

gifts me a crazy-effective combo of being able to see BOTH the eagle-eye-view solid strategy blindspots of your business (and their obvious solutions)


how to weave the golden thread behind the healing and helping you do in the world into magnetic messaging and soul-aligned brands that are utterly irresistible to your ideal clients . . . so you're free to deliver the gifts of your transformative powers to even more of humankind . . . and create both the impact and income your work deserves.

Here's the low down on the ways KP Kreative can help.

Brand Storytelling

All your design needs, from a brand style guide and logo development, freebie and online program and membership portal design... all the way to full web design renovation and simple from-scratch website design.

The strategy and visual storytelling you need to help your website and brand FEEL the same as working with you, and you're super happy to shout from the rooftops!

Marketing + Messaging  

Done-for-you social media packages, social media buckets full of juicy prompts for those "I've got NFI what to post" days, or polish up your visual storytelling with branded social media templates you can use time and time again.

Understand the precise stories you should be sharing, and HOW to share them in a way that is totally aligned (and magnetic!)

Copy + Content 

Compelling copy tailored to you and your magic, woven through with the golden thread of the WHY behind you do what you do. Separate pieces like about pages & bios, Service design and copy for specific client profiles, lead magnets & nurture sequences ... all the way to keynote crafting and full website packages.

Book co-writing and VIP Storytelling Days (for all your marketing + messaging needs) also available.

Creation Station  

Bring your big brain, heart and soul filled with.all.the.things for your signature course or book baby + meet my interviewing, pattern recognition + storytelling superpowers.

When we're done, you go put your feet up, and I go design your “backbone” complete with the exact content chunks and structure you need to make your message magnetic. useful and actionable!

"Thinking about writing copy about myself for myself terrified Me!

I knew the copywriting was going to be the biggest barrier to getting my new business, in particular the website, up and running ASAP.

To my surprise and relief, the whole process with Kylie was painless.

The weekly 1:1 sessions with Kylie were super productive. She asked high-quality questions to pull out my WHY - there were some incredibly powerful a-ha moments - that prompted heartfelt and honest answers.

Reading through the copy Kylie wrote was emotional and also empowering. She captured beautifully both my language and personality and presented it in such a way I wanted to hire myself! 

Now the copy is done, sharing myself is so much easier and I am proud to do so.  I have all I could ever want at my fingertips - website copy, bio's, offerings, and a bucket of content ideas that I can refer to create on-brand and on-message social media posts. 

Working with Kylie was an empowering experience and a truly worthwhile investment in both my business and ongoing personal development x"

Full website copy client

"The copy of my website was done by 3 other copywriters over a number of years. And when I read through it, none of it captured the depth of who I am and what I do. 

My work is steeped in shamanic alchemy and sacred wisdom, and when I tell the average copywriter “I lead a gentle revolution to rewild and reclaim the feminine”, they tend to look a little dumb founded. 
It is really difficult for someone who has not experienced the level of collective healing and wisdom opened through this work to communicate the energy and how my clients FEEL being held and mentored by me. 
When I heard about Kylie's approach to copywriting, through harnessing the power of story telling and the WHY behind a woman's work, I was drawn to see if she could capture me and my magic. 
Here's the message I sent her after reading the copy she wrote:
"Thank you, thank you. You are the absolute best!  
I loved the process of speaking to you, then reading these words and seeing my story come to life!

F**k yes, this feels so much like me!
YESSSS You nailed it!
Gave me shivers to read, thank you so much." 

Medicine Woman & Rewilding Activist 

I felt overwhelmed because I didn’t know where to start. I wanted breathing space to do the work I am good at.

I needed help:

  • clearing the huge part of my brain taken over by the search for content.
  • streamlining my website making it more user-friendly, clearer & better demonstrate the professionalism and thoughtfulness of my trainings & teachings.
  • finding new ways to share how my past students have felt working with me.

In our time together, I felt held and supported and that Kylie was truly interested in the core messages and intentions of my work. 

Now, there is a sense that I am represented online in a way that honours my work.

I have a new brand & colour palette that represents the next evolution of my work. I can dive into my content bucket rather than wracking my brains for a bit of content to keep my social media presence aliveI can create more attractive, brand-consistent posts without losing my character.

I know that I have certain skills and not others, and it is lovely to know that after searching for about two years for the right person to help me in this way ... holding out for the person who resonated with me and my work was worth the wait.”


Niamh Daly

Design, Web & Sales Copy Client


Ready to Rock?

The first step is to book a storytelling chat with me.

I only work with clients who are best fit for who I am and what I can offer, so this chat is one part first date, one part "do you want kids, or not" long-term commitment investigation ... except you don't have to buy me a drink and you sure as eggs don't have to say yes to anything that doesn't feel like a HECK YES.

You tell me what you need, and I tell you if and how I can help, and we go from there.

And if I'm not the right storyteller for you,
 I have more serious copywriting peeps in my little black book that may be, so I'll share their info ... and you're still leaving with a solution.