Hey beautiful heart-driven healer and helper!  

Need help capturing your BIG WHY behind the work you do in the world? Grab me for a VIP Storytelling DAY!


You get 7 dedicated hours of my dedicated time and attention delivered between 9am and 4pm AEST (Brisbane) time 

There's 3 VIP options, so now it's time to choose your own adventure! 

Eeek - remember those books from the 1980s!  so fun!

VIP - Done for You Copywriting 

Your Business + My Storytelling Superpowers = A Fast Action Match Made in Heart-Based Biz Heaven


 You book on in, we do a quick planning call to clarify priorities for your Done For You Copywriting Time.

Then you get me and my Storytelling Superpowers for 7 hours for any combo of reviewing or editing existing content and/or copywriting from scratch.

At the end of the 7 hour block, you get same-day delivery, all tied up with a neat and rather irresistible for your ideal client bow!

Please note that this form of VIP Day DOES NOT include live coaching or mentoring time. If you need coaching or mentoring, please see other VIP Day options. 


VIP - Bird's Eye View Review + Report

Not sure what to do about your brand, copy and content Storyteling, but know it doesn't feel like you? A Bird's Eye VIP Review Day is for you.


You book on in, we do a quick planning call to clarify priorities for Bird's Eye View - in general these will include marketing and messaging review of your website, socials and offerings, but if you have specific Qs or concerns, we can zoom in!

You get 7 dedicated hours of my dedicated time and attention to focus on all your messaging and marketing needs, with any combo of live messaging mentoring, reviewing or editing existing content, and copywriting from scratch.

Your Messaging + Marketing Report and Recommendations: delivered to your inbox within 7 business days.   


VIP - Creation Station + Backbone

Everyone has a Book (or Big, Bold, and Beautiful Course) inside them - but it can be super easy to feel like you don't know where to start! 


You book on in, we do a quick planning call to get clear on your book or signature course idea. 

We meet live for 7 hours of VIP time, including breaks. I pull all-that-good-stuff out of your head, we get clear on audience, purpose and chunks of content your ideal clients need, with your book or signature course building the bridge for them to travel from where they are now, to where they want to be. 

Your Book or Course "Backbone" (clear structure and dot points of what to cover in each section / module / chapter) is delivered to your inbox within 7 business days. You head off into the sunset to create the book - or course - of your dreams!


I'm Kylie, and I've been capturing and communicating in the medical science, health and wellbeing & community health sectors for more than 2 decades.

I am not a classically trained copywriter or designer. And that's good news for both of us. 

[You absolutely will not find boring, formulaic, "proper business" copywriting or same-old, same-old design here] 

What I AM is a natural-born storyteller with an innate gift of asking *just* the right questions to get way down deep into the hearts and minds of women - and specifically, the women drawn to healing, teaching, and expanding the world. 

and someone who has an eye for colour, shape and form and the way they can be woven together and alchemised to communicate the very energy behind you and your brand.


I've been a University lecturer, an expert witness and forensic biologist, a GM of a medical science company, designed and delivered health and wellbeing programs in the mining and mental health sectors, and been in business development, marcomms or stakeholder-facing positions for what feels like forever. 

I'm also a trained professional speaker, a qualified mindset coach, and a qualified trainer, assessor, and instructional designer.

In a nutshell, I'm a gun at breaking stuff down, simplifying it, and storytelling through word, shape, form and colour for learning, connecting and business-building purposes.

Add to that my other natural talent for interviewing people - my curiosity leads me to ask questions that get right down deep to the heart of the matter - and I've got a knack for revealing the golden thread weaving through our client's lives and weaving that into magnetic messaging and soul-aligned brands which are utterly irresistible to their best-fit ideal clients.

My [ADHD + autism] neurosparkliness + Channel of Judgement / Cross of the Four Ways Human Design

gifts me a crazy-effective combo of being able to see BOTH the eagle-eye-view solid strategy blindspots of your business (and their obvious solutions)


how to weave the golden thread behind the healing and helping you do in the world into magnetic messaging and soul-aligned brands that are utterly irresistible to your ideal clients . . . so you're free to deliver the gifts of your transformative powers to even more of humankind . . . and create both the impact and income your work deserves.

I don't believe in bro-marketing cookie-cutter copywriting designed to CONVERT.

I believe in whole-human to whole-human CONNECTION through the power and magic of storytelling..

because your ideal clients deserve better than being treated like LEADS / NUMBERS / THINGS TO SHOVE IN A FUNNEL for goodness sake!

and you deserve a fulfilling, contribution-fuelled business - one that delivers the IMPACT and INCOME you desire and deserve

and that's only going to come through being FULLY SEEN + HEARD as the heart-driven, paradigm-shifting leader you are!

I'm kind of a magician at this Storytelling Shizzle

(and I am SUPER PASSIONATE about people like you who are driven to make massive change in the world reaching the MAXIMUM RIPPLE EFFECT!)

But don't just take my word for it - here's what some of my Superstar Storytelling clients say!