I have always been obsessed with stories.

 I deeply believe 
... that sharing our stories holds a deep transformative magic for ourselves and others 
... that unearthing our unhelpful stories and rewriting them is a wildly freeing experience and
... that there is a golden thread that runs through our lives, that crafts the story of us, the way we are in the world and ultimately, the work we are called to do in the world

I also happen to believe women healing and doing their heart-driven work in the world ... helps heal their families, their friendship circles, their communities, and ultimately the world. And that is bloody good news for all of us.


My work revolves around stories - the ones that define us, the ones that capture us & the ones that set us free.

I'm a Story Teller
Host of the hit Wild + (finally fcking) Free pod
 where I showcase powerful stories of women who have taken leaps of faith and broken the ties that bind us in patterns of feeling stuck, small and disconnected from our True Selves.

a Story Healer
A Self Care Coach who works exclusively with women in midlife
 to help them - soothe their wired and tired nervous systems, shed skins of what no longer serves them, heal old limiting stories - learn to listen and respond to their (changing) needs and gently navigate their own midlife metamorphosis.

And a Story Weaver
As an intuition-guided copywriter and designer, with a natural gift for drawing the most magical threads behind you, your brand and your life out into the light and weaving these into magnetic brand, content & copy that's acts like a beacon for the people who need you the most. 

So sweetheart, what do you need, and how can I help?

Struggling to capture and communicate your work?

Head here for all my Storytelling services for heart-driven healers and helpers.


Midlife rollercoaster got you all hot + bothered? 

Learn how to navigate the mess and magic of midlife with Self Care School.


Need truth-talk on all things Midlife + Metamorphosis?

Tune in for weekly eps, and a catalogue of more than 80+ real, raw stories. 


Kylie Patchett: KP Kreative
Jac Toohey, Melbourne - Copywriting Client

“Thinking about writing copy about myself for myself made me feel like running a marathon would be the easier and less painful option - it terrified me! I knew the copywriting was going to be the biggest barrier to getting my new business up and running ASAP.

To my surprise and relief, the whole process with Kylie was painless. She asked high-quality questions to pull out my WHY - there were some incredibly powerful a-ha moments - that prompted heartfelt and honest answers.

Reading through the copy Kylie wrote was emotional and also empowering. She captured beautifully both my language and personality and presented it in such a way I wanted to hire myself!”

Copywriting Client

Kylie Patchett: KP Kreative
Kate, Adelaide - Soothe Grad

“I was dealing with the unfamiliar territory of medically induced menopause post a Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment. Mood changes were my biggest concern.

The best thing was learning tools to physically self soothe, and feeling really good about self care as a priority. I notice I am now able to notice tension or anger rising and self regulate and I am more able to notice thought patterns I want to change.

This was such an empowering & enjoyable self care experience in a relaxing & safe environment.This whole experience has been such a gift and really timely for me."”

Soothe Grad

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