Hey there! I'm Kylie and I have always been obsessed with stories.

I deeply believe 
... that sharing our stories holds a deep transformative magic for ourselves and others 
... that unearthing our unhelpful stories and rewriting them is a wildly freeing experience and
... that there is a golden thread that runs through our lives, that crafts the story of us, the way we are in the world and ultimately, the the gifts we are called to deliver to the world.

I also happen to believe people being truly seen + heard in all their mess and magic healing and answering the call do heart-driven work in the world ... not only helps heal them, but also helps heal their families, their friendship circles, their communities, and ultimately the world. 

And that is bloody good news for all of us.


My work revolves around stories - the ones that define us, the ones that capture us & the ones that set us free.

I'm a Story Sharer: Host of the hit Wild + (finally fcking) Free pod where I showcase powerful stories of women who have taken leaps of faith and broken the ties that bind us in patterns of feeling stuck, small and disconnected from our True Selves.

And a Story Teller: Crafting stories as an intuition-guided copywriter and designer, with a natural gift for drawing the most magical threads behind you, your brand and your life out into the light and weaving these into magnetic brand, content & copy that's acts like a beacon for the people who need you the most. 

When perimenopause b*tch slapped me in my late 40s, I picked up my 20+ years experience in marketing, communications and program design and delivery bat and ball, broke out of my corporate cage, and re-entered entrepreneurship for the second time... shortly after, in 2023, KP Kreative was born. 

KP Kreative is a full-service creative agency that specialises in helping status-quo challengers + paradigm-shifters, healers + helpers to capture and communicate their work in the world.

OUR PASSION is doing what we do best - crafting compelling messaging, designing swoon-worthy brands, capturing all-those-ideas in your spectacular mind, heart and soul and weaving them into powerful + purposeful books, copy, content and programs .. so you can get on with doing what you do best. You know... changing the world, breaking down barriers, healing the collective! 

So sweetheart, where to next?

Struggling to capture and communicate your work?

Head here for all my Storytelling services for heart-driven healers and helpers.


Ready for Real, Raw Stories of Metamorphosis, Growth + Evolution?

Tune in for weekly eps, and a catalogue of more than 100 real, raw stories. 


Kylie Patchett: KP Kreative
Jac Toohey, Melbourne - Copywriting Client (Peri Passionate Pocket Rocket: Women’s Health + Fitness Coach )

“Thinking about writing copy about myself for myself made me feel like running a marathon would be the easier and less painful option - it terrified me! I knew the copywriting was going to be the biggest barrier to getting my new business up and running ASAP.

To my surprise and relief, the whole process with Kylie was painless. She asked high-quality questions to pull out my WHY - there were some incredibly powerful a-ha moments - that prompted heartfelt and honest answers.

Reading through the copy Kylie wrote was emotional and also empowering. She captured beautifully both my language and personality and presented it in such a way I wanted to hire myself!”

Copywriting Client (Peri Passionate Pocket Rocket: Women’s Health + Fitness Coach )

Kylie Patchett: KP Kreative
Niamh, Ireland - Copy + Design Client (Yoga Teacher Trainer  | Mat Pilates Instructor| Nutrition Coach)

“I felt overwhelmed because I didn’t know where to start. I wanted breathing space to do the work I am good at. Now, there is a sense that I am represented online in a way that honours my work.

I have a new brand & colour palette that represents the next evolution of my work. I can dive into my content bucket rather than wracking my brains for a bit of content to keep my social media presence alive. I can create more attractive, brand-consistent posts without losing my character.

I know that I have certain skills and not others, and it is lovely to know that after searching for about two years for the right person to help me in this way ... holding out for the person who resonated with me and my work was worth the wait.”

Copy + Design Client (Yoga Teacher Trainer | Mat Pilates Instructor| Nutrition Coach)

Soul-Fuelled Storytelling 101

Cookie-cutter copywriting frameworks would have you believe that you need to write in a specific way (often fuelled by NLP-style persuasion tactics) to get people to "take action" aka CONVERSION ...

But the problem is (for us heart-driven healers + helpers at least) treating people like a number and manipulating them through a sausage-factory style, impersonal funnel does NOT feel like how we would naturally engage and interact in the real aka CONNECTION ..

--> So writing like this can feel like you are SELLING YOUR SOUL, and can fuel a mistaken belief you have be a BS artist to make it in business.

--> Worse - it ATTRACTS THE WRONG CLIENTS, people desperately seeking an answer, searching for the magic pill or looking for you to “fix” them, without doing the work or practising self-responsibility.

--> Worse still - you REPEL YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS - the ones who are deep feelers and thinkers like us, the ones who are ready for the transformation and paradigm-shifting work you actually do!

I created Soul-fuelled Storytelling 101 to teach you:

  • - How to harness the power and magic of storytelling to (authentically) share you and your work in the world
  • - How to communicate completely aligned and in sync with who you are in our natural habitat and
  • - The 6 soul-fuelled stories you should be sharing with soul so you can STOP leaving both INCOME and IMPACT on the table


The MOST POWERFUL Story You can Share  

Is the BEFORE - DURING - AFTER Story arc of how your ideal client FEELS working with you.

So you're sitting down to write a sales page and you get to the bit where you SHOULD be sharing rave reviews from the clients who already know, love and trust you, right? But the thing is asking for testimonials leaves you feeling ick ... so you just never ask.

The very thing you're avoiding is a veritable gold mine for deep insights, language there is NO WAY you would use to describe yourself, your work and the transformation you offer your clients and a sales page that is irresistibly magnetic to even more of your perfect-fit clients. 

By developing a process for regularly asking for rave reviews you will discover the precise language to capture and communicate your work in the world and magnetise even more of your fits-like-a-glove clients (all completely, absolutely ick-free!)

The Cracking the Copy Code / Rave Reviews swipe file includes:

  • - the exact questions to ask to capture the BEFORE- DURING - AFTER story arc of your client experience
  • - the precise points and process I use to get glowing rave reviews on AUTOPILOT, and on REPEAT
  • - and tips on how I use these rave reviews to create compelling copy that is MAGNETIC to more fits-like-a-glove clients.

And right now, you can get your hands on Your Swipe file for 50% OFF the normal price! That's $24.50 AUD investment (so basically $2 USD!) in becoming utterly irresistible to your ideal clients.

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