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Wild + (finally fcking) Free: Real, Raw Stories of Metamorphosis, Growth and Evolution

This podcast was born out of a deep desire to share the truth-talking, unedited stories of people who are right in the messy, magical middle of metamorphosis, growth and evolution, or have come out the other side with lessons they want to share.
And to provide a platform for the "future humans" amongst us: the change agents, neurosparklies, paradigm-shifters, status-quo challengers, healers and helpers who are here to help us heal old sh*tty stories, break the ties that bind, present a new perspective and help us to be Wild + (finally fcking) Free!

As a storyteller, I know how powerfully connecting and healing our stories can be. And how being seen + heard in all our mess and magic is a powerful portal for transformation (for both the people sharing, and the people receiving).
I hope you enjoy these real, raw stories as much as I enjoy recording them!

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Heads up, paradigm-shifters and status-quo challengers!

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