Hey there .. .. If we haven't met yet, I'm Kylie. 

city-born, country-dwelling gal, wife of one firey hubby (23 years and counting) and mama to teen girls (one who's flown the nest, and one who's teetering on the edge *pass me a tissue or two, will you?*).

❤️ That's us in the pic ❤️

I'm also an intuition-guided book and copy storyteller, Self Care School CEO and host of the Wild + (finally fcking) Free podcast show. 

After being blindsided by perimenopausal mood swings & mental health challenges in my late 40s, I've experienced first-hand how changes to our physiology can leave us feeling discombobulated, itchy and bitchy, and how untended trauma has a habit of erupting from under the surface of even the best-laid masks and coping mechanisms once we hit midlife.

I'm also living proof that this nexus of tired, itchy, b*tchy and rage-filled (whilst no doubt painful and challenging at times) can also be the birthplace of deeply healing and seismic shifts in the way we do life in our next phase.

My mission is to help other women see perimenopause as a powerful initiation point: a time of healing, growth & opportunity to come home to ourselves.

And to help women whose life purpose is to be heart-driven healers and helpers to share themselves and their work in way that is magnetic to people who need it most. 

Professionally, I've spent the past 25+ years Communicating, Coaching & Leading in the Scientific, Medical and Health & Wellbeing Fields.

... Designing and delivering holistic health + wellbeing programs in the mining, community services, aged care and mental health recovery sectors to improve staff and client emotional, mental and physical wellbeing

... Leading and teaching in the sleep science space to help patients, their families and their doctors understand and implement medical and lifestyle interventions for sleep 

... Using the power of genetics and forensic biology to provide expert witness testimony for the Police Service and lecture in the Masters of Forensic Science program at Griffith University

... Leading and Mentoring teams to harness their potential through human behaviour coaching, empowering leadership frameworks and a healthy dose of woo-woo meditation, self-healing and yoga-loving on the side

... Business Development and Marcomms using my innate marketing & communications heart to create compelling keynotes, marketing materials, web copy, online and in-person programs, ebooks and articles through the power of storytelling

Personally, I grew up the binge-eating, good girl-conditioned kid 

of a parent dealing with alcoholism and mental health issues.

So I know a thing or two about the depth of self-awareness, self-responsibility and blind ongoing bloody faith it takes to move through trauma, codependency and to heal unhelpful ways of being

At age 26 and years and years of traditional talk therapy failed to work through my own childhood challenges, I discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine and other alternative therapies and began to harness the intricate balance of mind + body + soul which has the power to unleash a lifelong healing evolution. 

Since then I have been studying and embodying different healing and coaching modalities (NLP, EFT, IFS, TCM, shiatsu, Five Elements Theory, Oriental Psychology, Yoga and Yoga for the Stages of Menopause ... and the list goes on) and undergone a deep transformational healing journey of my own.







Finding myself at the nexus of "no more fcks to give, "zero tolerance for BS" and "no more gas in the tank" has turned out to be the biggest blessing in my life so far

When I found myself swinging from rage to crying and back again in 2.3 seconds, and my life stressors collided (hello parent going into dementia care, boundary-pushing teen daughters and the identity crises of a late autism and ADHD diagnosis) I knew something major had to shift.

My soul was screaming at me, "I want to be Wild + (finally fcking) Free!!!" - free from conditioning, roles, obligation, duty, over-responsibility, leaky boundaries, self-abuse, and abandoning myself in favour of taking care of everyone else first.

So far, my journey has unfurled like this:

- from bending over backwards trying to do-all-the-things at the expense of my mental and emotional health ... to setting boundaries, ending codependency and ditching people-pleasing for good. 

- from trying to fit my neurosparkly, status-quo challenging self into a square-shaped corporate role ... to setting myself free to do work that comes easily to me.

- from periods of disordered eating .... to honouring my body with rest, movement and good food and simple nourishment for the first time in my life .

- from slapping on the "I'm fine, everything is alright" mask to cover up my Autism/ADHD and trauma-pickled self struggling with exhaustion and self-neglect ... to getting (lots and lots of) help to start unwinding all sorts of unhelpful ways of being.

Hands down, perimenopause has been the breeding ground for my deepest and most profound transformation yet. 

I believe Midlife can be a time of transformation, of healing, and of (re)birthing ourselves into the next phase of life.

And we tap into our wisdom, power & magic when we anchor into the feeling that perimenopause is a normal, natural transition. A transition where it is very natural to be asking ourselves some tough questions:

"who the heck am I?"
"what do I really want?"
"is this old relationship / job / conditioning / role really serving me?"
"is this all there is to life?
"how the blinking hell did I get here?"

It's also a deep invitation to better tend to our own needs (and ask for professional support if and when we need it).

And if neurosparkly, ex-good girl, recovering perfectionist control freak and trauma-bonded me can find my way back home, damn right you better believe you can do it too.

So sweetheart, what do you need, and how can I help?

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Kylie Patchett: KP Kreative

“Reading through the copy Kylie wrote was emotional and also empowering. She captured beautifully both my language and personality and presented it in such a way I wanted to hire myself! ”

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Soothe phone

 Midlife can be discombobulating enough. Then add the shifting hormonal landscape of perimenopause and the emotional, physical and mental changes it brings, and it's no wonder you just don't feel like yourself anymore.

I'll teach you how to calm your mind, soothe your nervous system, and more EASE-fully traverse this sometimes tricky transition.

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“I found that learning about the physical, emotional and spiritual changes that we are gong through really helpful.

Now, I'm definitely more mindful of what my needs are and know when to give myself the time, space and love that I need. ”

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Kylie Patchett: KP Kreative

“Kylie brings out the best in her guests so that their knowledge and unique insights can really shine through. It was an absolute pleasure, and I now have a podcast episode to proudly share with my audience.”

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Midlife Magic and all sorts of Story Sharing, Healing and Telling are the go around here, and I am so glad you've found us.