Hi there! I'm Kylie (the KP behind KP Kreative)

I'm a city-born, country-dwelling gal, wife of one firey hubby (24 years and counting) and mama to two spectacular daughters who have both flown the nest now. 

❤️ That's us in the pic ❤️

I'm also an intuition-guided brand, copy, and content storyteller, and host of the Wild + (finally fcking) Free show. 

After being blindsided by perimenopause-fuelled mood swings & mental health challenges in my late 40s, I've experienced first-hand how midlife changes and identity shifts can leave us feeling discombobulated. I'm also living proof that this nexus of tired, itchy, and b*tchy (whilst no doubt painful and challenging at times) can also be the birthplace of deeply healing and seismic shifts in the way we do life (and in my case, business) in our next phase.

Like so many women at this age and stage, this powerful initiation point has been a time of healing, growth & opportunity to come home to me), and I have been on a magical + messy journey ever since to set myself Wild + (finally fcking) Free.

Part of that journey was picking up my bat and ball and escaping from the corporate cage

which so poorly fit me and my neurosparkly AuDHD brain and sensitive nervous system (I juggle a connective tissue disorder called EDS which has a habit of flaring into chronic pain every now and then), and (re) emerging back into business ownership for the second time. Shortly thereafter in 2023, I founded KP Kreative.

These days I am on a mission to do only and exactly the things that light me (and every single once of the weird, eccentric, rebellious, joy-fuelled cells inside of me!) up.

And one of those deliciously soul-wagging-its-tail things is helping the healers, helpers, and change agents of the world to share their work in a whole new, more magnetic, more magical way through the power of storytelling.

Professionally, I've spent the past 25+ years Communicating, Coaching & Leading in the Scientific, Medical and Health & Wellbeing Fields.

... Designing and delivering holistic health + wellbeing programs in the mining, community services, aged care and mental health recovery sectors to improve staff and client emotional, mental and physical wellbeing

... Leading and teaching in the sleep science space to help patients, their families and their doctors understand and implement medical and lifestyle interventions for sleep 

... Using the power of genetics and forensic biology to provide expert witness testimony for the Police Service and lecture in the Masters of Forensic Science program at Griffith University

... Leading and Mentoring teams to harness their potential through human behaviour coaching, empowering leadership frameworks and a healthy dose of woo-woo meditation, self-healing and yoga-loving on the side

... Business Development and Marcomms using my innate marketing & communications heart to create compelling keynotes, marketing materials, web copy, online and in-person programs, ebooks and articles through the power of storytelling

Personally, I grew up the binge-eating, good girl-conditioned kid 

of a parent dealing with alcoholism and mental health issues.

So I know a thing or two about the depth of self-awareness, self-responsibility and blind ongoing bloody faith it takes to move through trauma, codependency and to heal unhelpful ways of being

At age 26 and years and years of traditional talk therapy failed to work through my own childhood challenges, I discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine and other alternative therapies and began to harness the intricate balance of mind + body + soul which has the power to unleash a lifelong healing evolution. 

Since then I have been studying and embodying different healing and coaching modalities (NLP, EFT, IFS, TCM, shiatsu, Five Elements Theory, Oriental Psychology, Yoga and Yoga for the Stages of Menopause ... and the list goes on) and undergone a deep transformational healing journey of my own.







This trifecta of marcomms experience, a love of storytelling, and my lived experience of deep transformation makes me pretty bloody passionate about helping people like you—people driven to make a real difference in the world. 

So sweetheart, where to next?

Struggling to capture and communicate your work?

Head here for all our brand, copy and content storytelling services for heart-driven healers and helpers.


Ready for Real, Raw Stories of Metamorphosis, Growth + Evolution?

Tune in for weekly eps, and a catalogue of more than 100 real, raw stories. 

Kylie Patchett: KP Kreative

“I knew the copywriting was going to be the biggest barrier to getting my new business, in particular the website, up and running ASAP.

To my surprise and relief, the whole process with Kylie was painless.

The sessions with Kylie were super productive. She asked high-quality questions to pull out my WHY - there were some incredibly powerful a-ha moments - that prompted heartfelt and honest answers.

Working with Kylie was an empowering experience and a truly worthwhile investment in both my business and ongoing personal development.”

Peri Passionate Pocket Rocket: Women’s Health + Fitness Coach, Web Copy Client

Soothe phone Soothe Self Care Sanctuary

Soothe phone

 Midlife can be discombobulating enough. Then add the shifting hormonal landscape of perimenopause and the emotional, physical and mental changes it brings, and it's no wonder you just don't feel like yourself anymore.

I'll teach you how to calm your mind, soothe your nervous system, and more EASE-fully traverse this sometimes tricky transition.

AUD 333.00

“I felt overwhelmed because I didn’t know where to start. I wanted breathing space to do the work I am good at.

Now, there is a sense that I am represented online in a way that honours my work.

I know that I have certain skills and not others, and it is lovely to know that after searching for about two years for the right person to help me in this way ... holding out for the person who resonated with me and my work was worth the wait.”

Yoga Teacher Trainer | Mat Pilates Instructor| Nutrition Coach, Marketing + Messaging Client

Kylie Patchett: KP Kreative

“The copy of my website was done by 3 other copywriters over a number of years. And when I read through it, none of it captured the depth of who I am and what I do.

It is really difficult for someone who has not experienced the level of collective healing and wisdom opened through this work to communicate the energy and how my clients FEEL being held and mentored by me.

My work is steeped in shamanic alchemy and sacred wisdom, and when I tell the average copywriter that, they tend to look dumb- founded.

But when I read Kylie's work, I thought: “F**k yes, this feels so much like me! She nailed it!" It gave me shivers to read!”

Medicine Woman & Rewilding Activist, Copy Client





All sorts of truth-talking, storytelling and story sharing are the go around here, and I am so glad you've found us.