Breaking the Chains of Generational Trauma

generational trauma



Before we begin, I will never, ever ask you to lay down the utter grief, devastation and
flat-out cluterfckery of not having your needs met as a child, and particularly when
neglect and or abuse comes at the hands of a parent or caregiver.

Please know I hear you and I see you.


We know already hurt people hurt people - which is not about pardoning the

abuse on any level - but is more about seeking to understand the WHY behind it.

Without going into detail, I have new understanding around generational patterns in my own family.

And it has made me feel rather fcking fierce about taking responsibility for what is in
my power as a an adult 48 year old woman in the present moment. And that is
investing my time, emotional bandwidth and attention in healing my part in these

I REFUSE to be just another in a long line of hurt people hurting people.

I REFUSE to continue the dysfunction,
or the trauma-creation

or the unconscious patterns of behaviour that do deep and serious harm to others.

And that means I need to be brave enough (with significant support in place) to go to
all the dark places I used to think I was far too weak to "handle".

Without going to the dark, I am never ever going to be wild and finally fcking free.

And I will always be at risk of doing damage due to the ongoing impacts of my own
harm. And as a woman and a mother, that terrifies me.

And so I choose to do the work, to go to the dark,
and when I need I hold myself with deep compassion and a sense of forgiveness.
and I rest, and recoup,

and when I need to I treat myself like a delicate piece of porcelain lest I break into a
million raw and ragged pieces.

So far, my head and heart are still intact - changed undoubtedly for the better.

Nothing bad has happened.

I am not weak.
The trauma has not controlled me.
I am not broken.

And I am beginning, slowly but surely, feel ever so much lighter and calmer as the
layers are peeled.

So if childhood or generational trauma is your story too, I hope sharing these facts
and my story help you to claim the support, and love and bravery you need too.

With so much love,
Kylie x


-> We know that perimenopause is a window of vulnerability - the shifting conversation between our brains and ovaries impacting every single cell in our body - whether we have symptoms or not. We are literally recalibrating for the next phase of life.

-> We also know that trauma sufferers with high ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) scores have negative impacts on both physical and mental health long term.

-> And we know that women who have experienced a mental health episode before the perimenopause transition are at greater risk of life-impacting mental health symptoms during perimenopause. 

Although there is no current direct research linking trauma and it's effects to the perimenopause experience, the above facts at least tell us we should red flag trauma sufferers to say "hey, please really take note, and care of your mental health during perimenopause, and if you need support, please seek professional psychological or medical advice.".


Whatever the reason, if you find yourself struggling with the impacts of perimenopause, please feel free to grab instant access to my Menopausal 'meh" to Midlife Mojo Course here,

which includes info on how this transition effects us mentally, emotionally and physically and how and where to find menopause-aware practitioners. 

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