Perimenopausal People: Self Care is NOT Selfish

Perimenopausal People - Self Care is NOT Selfish!

Perimenopausal People ... repeat after me: "Self Care isn't Selfish".

I know that seems so freaking obvious, but let's get serious here ... are you truly taking care of you right now?

🌞 are you getting enough sunshine and fresh air?
🐠 are you eating well?
πŸ’ƒ have you moved that beautiful body of yours?
😴 are you taking regular time out?
πŸ˜‹ are you having fun fun fun on the regular?
😺 have you long-hugged a pet or human today?
🍹are you filling your cup with a decent work-life balance?

YOU and YOUR NEEDS matter!

Please be kind to yourself amidst these mind and body changes that occur in midlife: please go gently, please get help when you need it, please share how you're doing with a friend or loved one, please say no when you mean no, please clean the decks of anything that feels too hard, please remove shizzle you don't need to do from your list.

x Kylie

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