What in the Actual. F. Is. Wrong. With. Me? An Ode to Perimenopause


mood swings?

trouble going or staying asleep?

way less stress tolerance?
inability to multi-task?
memory changes?

difficulty concentrating?
cognitive changes?

irregular menstrual cycles: shorter or longer or bleeding like a stuck pig

hot flashes/flushes?
night sweats?

vaginal changes?
libido left the building?

skin and hair changes?

weight moving from to the spare tire region?

or perhaps you're experiencing one of my top trifecta:
- zero fcks left to give?
- no tolerance? and
- I will not be taking any more of your BS?

This is your tongue in cheek reminder that you may not be losing your marbles or have
turned into the world's biggest B, you may just be enjoying the messy and magical ride
of the #perimenopause to #menopause transition!


x Kylie 


PS in all seriousness, perimenopause can be a wild ride can't it - the shifting convo between our brains and ovaries can make all sorts of body symptoms go haywire during this recalibration period!  If you need help navigating perimenopause with more education, ease and self-awareness, download my FREE Menopausal 'meh' to Midlife Mojo course here. 

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