Breaking the Habit of Being the Good Girl

breaking the habit o being the good girl

If I could pick one main cause of women not being able to identify and respond to their
own needs, particularly when it comes to the perimenopausal rollercoaster, it would be the
patterns of playing The Good Girl and the closely related pattern of The

If you relate, here are some strategies to help break the habit of being the "Good Girl"!

It is NOT too late and midlife is the perfect time to do this shedding work if we have not
already done so!


--> Cultivate Self-Awareness:

Begin by becoming aware of your own "Good Girl" patterns and behaviours. Reflect on
the ways in which you tend to conform, prioritise others' needs over your own, or
suppress your authentic self-expression.

--> Question Societal Expectations:

Challenge the societal expectations and norms that have influenced your "Good Girl"
conditioning. Ask yourself why you feel compelled to conform and whether these
expectations align with your values and aspirations.

--> Embrace Authenticity:

Reconnect with your true self and embrace authenticity. Explore your own desires,
passions, and values, and make choices that align with your authentic self rather than
trying to meet others' expectations.


--> Set Boundaries:

Practice setting and enforcing healthy boundaries. Identify where you tend to
overextend yourself or sacrifice your own needs. Learn to say no when necessary and
prioritise self-care and self-fulfilment.


--> Practice Assertiveness:

Develop assertiveness skills to express your thoughts, needs, and desires effectively.
Learn to communicate with confidence and clarity, even in challenging situations. Seek
assertiveness training or practice assertive communication techniques.


--> Embrace Imperfection:

Release the pressure of perfectionism and embrace imperfection. Understand that
making mistakes and experiencing failure are natural parts of growth and learning.
Allow yourself to take risks and learn from setbacks.


Do you resonate with playing the part of the Good Girl, and if so, which of these do
you feel will help you move the needle on this pattern the most?


x Kylie 



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