If Your Body Could Talk, What Would She Say?

if your body could talk, what would she say

If your body could talk, what would she say?

Would she tell you she feels connected to you?
Would she say she feels seen and heard?
Would she say you take time out every day to respond to her needs?

Or would she feel that sometimes (maybe most time)
.. You ignore her?
.. Speak badly to her, only noticing her flaws?
.. only accept her when she is a particular size or shape?
.. Ignore her signs, forget to feed, water, and rest her?
.. live only from the neck up, and push her to do more than what she can?

Your body does talk.
In yearnings
In cravings
In gut feel
In pains and strains and tension and tightness
And in expansion, and openness and a sense of freedom when her animal needs are
tended to.

What will it take for you to listen with kindness and self-compassion, to answer her
call to stretch and play, rest and experience pleasure, move and be nourished, fully
love and accept her?

If not before, midlife is the perfect time to start re-fostering the connection with your physical body,

the animal of your body calling for attention and rest and play.



If you're ready to heed her call, go grab instant access to my brand new menoPAUSe Mini Course and:

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So you can traverse this sometimes tricky transition with more connection to your
beautiful mind, body and soul's needs.

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Big love from me to you, fellow midlife maven.

x Kylie

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