Introducing Oestrogen (aka WTAF is Going on in Perimenopause?) Post 1 of 4


Introducing. . . . OESTROGEN!! aka understanding WTAF is going on with me in perimenopause!?

A pivotal point in my own perimenopause journey was getting to know the
function of each of the sex hormones through my Yoga for the Stages of Menopause
training with Niamh from Yinstinct Yoga and the “personification” of each of these hormones.

All of a sudden, this huge array of symptoms and shifts during this transition all made
sense. Im featuring one of these sex hormones each week.
Today, we get up close and personal with oestrogen!

Oestrogen plays a part in our thyroid, heart, breast, liver, hormones, digestion,
vagina, bones, muscles, joints + skin health.

-> Shifting oestrogen can be behind varied symptoms like joint pain, vaginal dryness,
hot flushes and night sweats, digestive changes, body composition shifts, changes to
skin elasticity - and the list goes on and on and on!

Check out all the systems impacted and you kind of get a feel for why
we can feel so out of whack!

introudcing Oestrogen aka WTAF is happening to me in Perimenopause?

-> If we attempted to personify the effects of oestrogen (which of course we can’t
but is helpful to understand the changes which can occur from a rollercoaster of
oestrogen in the body) we might describe her as:

"The Organised Host"
* ENTHUSIASTIC connector
* ORGANISED and able to easily JUGGLE

Doesn’t that make it way more to understand if/when your ability to juggle or keep
your shizzle in a pile or remember things changes or just don’t have the energy to get
out there and interact the way you used to?


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