My Midlife / MenoPAUSE Little Black Book

My Midlife _ Menopause little black book

I am often asked "who should I go to about this?" in relation to a specific area of Menopause, so I thought I should roll out my little black book of fave menoPAUSE experts and share a few of my faves with you all:

My Midlife _ Menopause little black book 2

💜 Angelique Clark - Perimenopause Dietitian, Advanced Physique Sports Dietitian, Nutritionist, EP - brilliant, down to earth guide on what females actually need to fuel themselves through our midlife transition, Ange is from French heritage and this colours her approach to food and enjoying life!

My Midlife _ Menopause little black book 3

💜 Dr Kelly Teagle - founder of Well Femme, menopause specialist General Practitioner, (WellFemme is a menopause specialist GP telehealth service in Australia), super advocate for women being informed and empowered

My Midlife _ Menopause little black book 4

💜 Deb Benfield of Aging Body Liberation - Dietitian / Eating disorders and Body Liberation in Midlife specialist - gorgeous human, post menopausal, so gentle and thoughtful in her approach, font of all body-loving / body-changing wisdom

My Midlife _ Menopause little black book 5

💜 Kate Codrington - Menopause Doula, author of Second Spring: Self Care Guide to Menopause- brilliant, straight-talking, sparkly, totally reconfigures the approach to menopause into psychological seasons

My Midlife _ Menopause little black book 6

💜 Janet McGeever - Psychotherapist / Author / Educator and Making Love Retreat Spaceholder(qualified in the work of Tantric Sex leader Diana Richardson), been a friend of mine for years, and is such a huge thought leader in the space of sex, relationship and bodies peri- and post-menopausally

My Midlife _ Menopause little black book 7

💜 Sara Smeaton - Midlife Mentor-  Life coach specialising in the meno transition, so much wisdom to share about this being a time of "just getting started" and not "past our prime"

My Midlife _ Menopause little black book 8

💜 Niamh Daly of Yinstinct Yoga - Yoga for the Stages of Menopause Yoga Teacher Trainer, Holistic Nutrition Coach, Pilates and Yoga Teacher - astoundingly knowledgeable on what we should and should not be expecting from our bodies and how meno impacts our physiology and brain and outlook on life, big advocate for gentler ways to take care of our brains, bones and hearts in post meno!

Remember to save this link for future reference, and go check these menoPAUSE experts out!

x Kylie

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