What if the "MISTAKES" you are making yourself wrong for are the MOST MAGNETIC to your Ideal Client?

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What if the “mistakes” you're making yourself wrong for are actually some of the MOST MAGNETIC STORIES for your ideal clients?

Gone are the days when the coaches coaching coaches to coach a coach's pyramid scheme of the late noughties sold us the lie that the way - the only way - to build a "successful" business was to H U S T L E, charge exorbitantly high-ticket prices for VIP exclusive offers, and blindly replicate the magic pill marketing funnel.

Gone are the days when your ideal customer fell for the hired Airbnb faux-perfect background to capture your faux-perfect lifestyle photos and faux-perfect sales page to sell you into that house-of-cards style exorbitantly priced experience.

(The same experience you later launch from your average, ordinary house and your dining room table day "office.")

Gone are the days when 'fake it till you make it,' self-proclaimed gurus earned the misplaced trust and confidence of bright-shiny-object and magic-pill chasing clients.
These days...Your ideal clients are awake, aware, & moving through the marketplace sans blinders and with way more BS-detecting discernment than ever before.

They're looking for real, grounded, relatable, dare I say it out loud, "perfectly imperfect" people - like you and me.

So I ask again: What if the “mistakes” you're making yourself wrong for are actually some of the MOST MAGNETIC STORIES for your ideal clients?

And all those perceived ‘mistakes’ were only ever perfectionist- and people-pleasing driven external concepts and conditioning around what you thought you had to fix, fake, hide, or mask in order to be successful in business...

Remember - for many of us, our clients are who we used to be a few years ago, so sharing our own stories is a really powerful source of hope + inspiration.

The truth is: Your ideal clients want - now more than ever - to see and feel your whole humanness, to hear your real, honest, and unpolished stories of wins, challenges, learning, and opportunities.

And over time, get to know the whole-human you, so they FEEL who you really are, and they're free to be in a relationship with the REAL you? (as opposed to through pain point pushing, persuasion psychology-driven cookie-cutter copywriting) if they are a fit for investing in you and your offerings, if and when they feel the need.

And - the pass go and collect $200 please and thank you bonus - connecting as a real, relatable whole human gently, lovingly repels the clients who do not fit you, your gifts, and your desire to contribute.

Grab a FREE copy of my Storytelling 101 Guide here, because your clients WANT to know your whole-human self through the stories you share, EVEN IF showing all your warts and all your wonder feels a little (or a shit-tonne) scary!



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