S3 E22: Embracing Femininity: The Mindset and Magic with Rosanne Austin

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In this heartfelt episode, Kylie Patchett welcomes Rosanne Austin a former prosecutor who became a 'Fertility Fairy Godmother'. They delve into Rosanne's personal and professional journey, highlighting her struggle with infertility, the power of mindset, and her eventual natural pregnancy at 43. Rosanne shares profound insights about the importance of aligning with one's feminine energy, overcoming societal pressures, and the crucial role of mindset in achieving fertility. The conversation also touches on broader themes of empowerment, self-responsibility, and breaking free from patriarchal structures.

Key Takeaways:

  • The influence of thoughts and beliefs played a crucial role in Rosanne's path to motherhood.
  • Rosanne's transition from prosecutor to fertility advocate.
  • Rosanne's upcoming book, "The Feminine Fertility Cure," distills over a decade of her experiences and insights.
  • The societal trend towards masculinizing women since the 1960s has contributed to a disconnection from their feminine essence.

Explore Rosanne's website here https://www.frommaybetobaby.com/ 

Tune in to the Fearlessly Fertile Podcast at https://www.frommaybetobaby.com/ff-podcast/

Discover Rosanne's debut book "Am I the Reason I am Not Getting Pregnant: The Fearlessly Fertile™ Method for Clearing the Blocks Between You and Your Baby" on Amazon here and stay updated for her upcoming book referenced in this episode, released August 1st, titled "The Feminine Fertility".



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