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If Your Body Could Talk, What Would She Say?

if your body could talk, what would she say

If your body could talk, what would she say?

Would she tell you she feels connected to you?
Would she say she feels seen and heard?
Would she say you take time out every day to respond to her needs?

Or would she feel that sometimes (maybe most time)
.. You ignore her?
.. Speak badly to her, only noticing her flaws?
.. only accept her when she is a particular size or shape?
.. Ignore her signs, forget to feed, water, and rest her?
.. live only from the neck up, and push her to do more than what she ca…

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Breaking the Habit of Being the Good Girl

breaking the habit o being the good girl

If I could pick one main cause of women not being able to identify and respond to their
own needs, particularly when it comes to the perimenopausal rollercoaster, it would be the
patterns of playing The Good Girl and the closely related pattern of The

If you relate, here are some strategies to help break the habit of being the "Good Girl"!

It is NOT too late and midlife is the perfect time to do this shedding work if we have not
already done so!


--> Cultivate Self-Awareness:


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On Grief and Growth in Midlife

grief and growth

I'm currently in love with the music and lyrics of Billianne and this song Growing out of
all the Places I Loved is one of my on-repeat faves.

I can’t help but feeling that these lyrics (although written by a 19 year old who I am
guessing has not given 2 secs of thought to perimenopause, and nor should she!) have
so much to say about this life transition we are going through.
And the inevitable grief of all the things that change as we age.

Of outgrowing friendships,
of healing old ways of being th…

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Sleep | Mental Health | Confidence: My perimenopausal three-legged stool

wobbly stool

I’ve spoken about my mental health journey and how much the layers of trauma are blindsiding me when they come to the surface right now, and how I am getting better and better at softening my approach to myself when this happens.

Allowing the feels (all feelings being welcome here),
Naming the stories (bringing the layers of belief and old wounds to the surface to be gently examined)
Choosing consciously to reparent myself (all the ways my inner child needs care and

What I have not…

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What in the Actual. F. Is. Wrong. With. Me? An Ode to Perimenopause


mood swings?

trouble going or staying asleep?

way less stress tolerance?
inability to multi-task?
memory changes?

difficulty concentrating?
cognitive changes?

irregular menstrual cycles: shorter or longer or bleeding like a stuck pig

hot flashes/flushes?
night sweats?

vaginal changes?
libido left the building?

skin and hair changes?

weight moving from to the spare tire region?

or perhaps you're experiencing one of my top trifecta:
- zero fcks left to give?
- no toler…

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Perimenopausal People: Self Care is NOT Selfish

Perimenopausal People - Self Care is NOT Selfish!

Perimenopausal People ... repeat after me: "Self Care isn't Selfish".

I know that seems so freaking obvious, but let's get serious here ... are you truly taking care of you right now?

🌞 are you getting enough sunshine and fresh air?
🐠 are you eating well?
💃 have you moved that beautiful body of yours?
😴 are you taking regular time out?
😋 are you having fun fun fun on the regular?
😺 have you long-hugged a pet or human today?
🍹are you filling your cup with a decent work-life balance?


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5 Game-Changing Books About Menopause

5 books

Re-sharing because this list got so many comments and we all know the Silly Season is a melting pot for meno symptoms ⬆️⬆️⬆️!!!


-> 5 game-changing books about Menopause.

I was chatting to the Mum of one of my daughter’s friends the other day about her stress levels and I asked if she had considered stress and stress tolerance in relationship to perimenopause.


Like me, before I hit 47 and was blindsided by what I now know to be perimenopause symptoms, she looked at me with that “wth are …

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Itchy, B*tchy, Brave: My Perimenopausal Journey


When I turned 47, I was blindsided by what I now know was perimenopause ...I wrote this when I was really really struggling with EVERYTHING irritating me. Can you relate?

Something Kate Codrington said during our recent interview has been lurking around under the surface of my mind (actually so so so many things since that chat, but this one in particular I haven't mined as yet).

Paraphrasing, Kate said something like "I felt so scratchy in perimenopause" and I realised that is exactly how I f…

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Breaking the Chains of Generational Trauma

generational trauma



Before we begin, I will never, ever ask you to lay down the utter grief, devastation and
flat-out cluterfckery of not having your needs met as a child, and particularly when
neglect and or abuse comes at the hands of a parent or caregiver.

Please know I hear you and I see you.


We know already hurt people hurt people - which is not about pardoning the

abuse on any level - but is more about seeking to understand the WHY behind it.


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