What I Learnt from My Social Media Sabbatical

What I Learnt from my Social Media Sabbatical

It's been 6 whole weeks since I logged of the socials to take a sabattical as one-part
experiment // one-part need to make space coz study/work/life/fam was feeling way too

W-O-A-H is all I can say.

I knew the gram specially was taking a lot of space, and was my favourite procrasti-
scrolling tool, but I didn't expect quite this much magic to come out of taking some time out.

Since my last email lots had ben going on:

-> I thrived through the last month of winter,
our eldest turned 19, o…

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How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 18.38.02

When your perfect fit client goes looking for the precise problem you solve . . .

And they're faced with roughly three-hundred and eleventy billion other coaches, or social media experts, somatic therapists or virtual assistants, how do they pick you out amidst all the noise?

What do you think they’re responding to when they’re deciding to book that call, click the link, or hand over the cash?

(Ah sorry no ... it’s not that slick 30 sec elevator pitch you’ve been practicing.)

It’s your ener…

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Let Your Clients do the Talking

let your clients do the talking

Find it Hard to Write About Your Work?

Recently I've had the pleasure of tidying up the last pieces of a large storytelling project which included scripting / interviewing / editing and magick-ing up a delicious video full of yoga teachers who have gone through my client's Yoga Teacher Training certificate.

What a JOY! to see and hear the delight and the deep insights from these clients, and be able to weave that into a video for the YTT sales page which will no doubt be irresistibly magnetic to m…

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Attention: Heart Based Biz Women!

Are you a heart-based woman in business struggling to capture and communicate your, life story and the deep WHY behind your work in the world?

Here's How I can Help:

❤️ Brand Storytelling


All your design needs, from a brand style guide and logo development, freebie and online program and membership portal design... all the way to full web design renovation and simple from-scratch website design.  

❤️ Social Media Savvy

Done-for-you social media packages (copy, branding & scheduling…

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Design + Copy Client Testimonial - Niamh Daly

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I first met Niamh Daly of Yinstinct Yoga last year when I did her spectacularly helpful, evidence-based, trauma-informed Yoga for the Stages of Menopause training. 

Niamh is the Founder of Yinstinct Yoga, registered Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Somatic Education coach, Nutrition coach & Pilates Mat Instructor.

Over the past few months, we've co-created: 

- A refreshed brand kit, including logo, colour palette & brand feel
- Branded social media templates and “content bucket” of 50…

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