Breaking the Chains of Generational Trauma

generational trauma



Before we begin, I will never, ever ask you to lay down the utter grief, devastation and
flat-out cluterfckery of not having your needs met as a child, and particularly when
neglect and or abuse comes at the hands of a parent or caregiver.

Please know I hear you and I see you.


We know already hurt people hurt people - which is not about pardoning the

abuse on any level - but is more about seeking to understand the WHY behind it.


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Attention: Heart Based Biz Women!

Are you a heart-based woman in business struggling to capture and communicate your, life story and the deep WHY behind your work in the world?

Here's How I can Help:

❤️ Brand Storytelling


All your design needs, from a brand style guide and logo development, freebie and online program and membership portal design... all the way to full web design renovation and simple from-scratch website design.  

❤️ Social Media Savvy

Done-for-you social media packages (copy, branding & scheduling…

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Design + Copy Client Testimonial - Niamh Daly

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I first met Niamh Daly of Yinstinct Yoga last year when I did her spectacularly helpful, evidence-based, trauma-informed Yoga for the Stages of Menopause training. 

Niamh is the Founder of Yinstinct Yoga, registered Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Somatic Education coach, Nutrition coach & Pilates Mat Instructor.

Over the past few months, we've co-created: 

- A refreshed brand kit, including logo, colour palette & brand feel
- Branded social media templates and “content bucket” of 50…

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