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Soul-Fuelled Storytelling 101

Cookie-cutter copywriting frameworks would have you believe that you need to write in a specific way (often fuelled by NLP-style persuasion tactics) to get people to "take action" ...

But the problem is (for us heart-driven healers + helpers at least) treating people like a number and manipulating them through a sausage-factory style, impersonal funnel does NOT feel like how we would naturally engage and interact in the real.

--> Writing like this can feel like you are SELLING YOUR SOUL, and can fuel a mistaken belief you have be a BS artist to make it in business.

--> Worse still - you REPEL YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS - the ones who are deep feelers and thinkers like us, the ones who are ready for the transformation and paradigm-shifting work you actually do!

I created Soul-fuelled Storytelling 101 to teach you:

  • How to harness the power and magic of storytelling to (authentically) share you and your work in the world
  • How to communicate completely aligned and in sync with who you are in our natural habitat and
  • The 6 soul-fuelled stories you should be to share with soul in the world so you can STOP leaving both INCOME and IMPACT on the table


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