Who doesn't love a little freebie on the side? 

Here are a few gifts to get you started on your menoPAUSE Self Lovin' journey.

Midlife Mojo 

menoPAUSE Mini Course

The "must-have" mini course to go from Menopausal 'meh' ... to Midlife Mojo!

I created this menoPAUSE Mini Course so you'll be able to navigate perimenopause with way more education and empowerment than I did.

These 10 bite-sized lessons will help you:

  • understand the physical, emotional and mental changes that can occur 

  • reframe perimenopause as a natural and normal transition

  • learn to take care of your changing needs, so you can ride the rollercoaster with less stress & way more ease

Yes! I want my Mojo Back!

Revolutionary Rest

menoPAUSE Yoga Nidra

We've been taught that we need to keep pushing to "get" anywhere in life, but what if the reverse was true?

What if the very thing we actually need most - to settle our wired nervous systems, to help our body feel safe, to calm our mind is to REST.

[ESPECIALLY amidst the discombobulation of perimenopause and the body - mind - soul shifts it brings!]

Revolutionary Rest is a deeply relaxing and restorative Yoga Nidra experience, combining body and breath to come into stillness and just be.


Gosh yes, rest please! 

Calling my Power Home  

menoPAUSE Meditation  

Especially when we reach midlife, we may become aware of relationships, behaviours, and past interactions that have come at a cost to ourselves. 

And maybe, you have now arrived at a time when you understand it is time to call all your precious resources back home. Your power. Your energy. Your time. Your divine attention. 

Find a peaceful place, plug in those noise-cancelling headphones and take some time out with this menoPAUSE Meditation and receive the gift of gently reclaiming your resources.


I'm ready to call it all home!

Want Copy + Design freebies? I've got you covered!

Cracking the Copy Code / Rave Reviews

So you're sitting down to write a sales page and you get to the bit where you SHOULD be sharing rave reviews from the clients who already know, love and trust you, right? But the thing is asking for testimonials leaves you feeling ick ... so you just never ask.

The very thing you're avoiding is a veritable gold mine for deep insights, language there is NO WAY you would use to describe yourself, your work and the transformation you offer your clients and a sales page that is irresistibly magnetic to even more of your perfect-fit clients. 

Yes, it can be difficult to write about yourself and your work for some, BUT it is easy to include in your processes capturing rave reviews from your clients which will deliver you precisely the words to capture and communicate your work in the world (all completely, absolutely ick-free!)

Get instant access to my Cracking the Copy Code / Rave Reviews guide and swipe file - the exact client journey points, questions and process I use to get glowing rave reviews on autopilot, and on repeatand tips on how I use them to create compelling copy that is magnetic to more fits-like-a-glove clients.

I want Rave Reviews: on autopilot and on repeat!