Unlock the Magic of Connection: 6 Soul-Fuelled Stories You NEED to Share!

SM June 2024

PSST SAVE THIS POST - and next time you’re “creating content”, how about you “share stories” instead 

We connect, engage, and emote through the power—and flat-out magic—of storytelling. 

If you're ready to ditch cookie-cutter copy and truly connect with your community and beautiful perfect-fit-for-you-and-your-gifts clients, here are six soul-fueled stories to get you started:

1. Client Rave Reviews

Show off the love your clients have for your work, ideally in a before - during - after story arc! 

2. Your Origin Story

Share the heart and BIG WHY behind the work you do in the world - one of the MOST MAGENTIC stories you can share!

3. Status Quo Challenging Stories

You’re a change agent, so go inspire change by shaking things up and challenging a myth or furphy about your industry

4. The Bridge

Paint a picture of transformation - where are your clients NOW, where do they WANT to be and precisely HOW your offer or service acts as a bridge between them? 

5. Behind-the-Scenes

Give a sneak peek into your world, life and business - how do you go about your work? How do you prepare? What do you get up to that inspires you? 

6. The Secret Sauce

Reveal the magic behind your process, remembering that your unique and specific way of doing things IS the secret sauce!

Storytelling is a way to connect whole-human to whole-human and allow your ideal client to see and hear you, because hiding behind magic-pill marketing “fixes” that don’t feel aligned to you is STRANGLING you and STEALING away impact that you coudl be delivering to the rest of us - and that just makes me sad.

These stories aren't just about you—they're about creating a heartfelt connection that resonates. 💫

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