S3 E23: In Conversation: Female Friendships and the Power of Being Witnessed with Jodie Preiss

Jodie Preiss (Founder of Collective Ripples -"creating ripples of love & kindness ... collectively") and host Kylie Patchett have been connected for more than a decade, and one of the greatest blessings in 2023 was reconnecting, and their friendship deepening into a powerful and much-loved connection.

In this special "in conversation" episode of the podcast, Jodie and Kylie chat about friendships and how they change in middle age and beyond, post the years when we may have made friends at the sports club or school gate.

We cover:

- the disconnection from a specific place in childhood can upset the dynamic of having "friends since school"
- how seeing (or not seeing) close female friendships in our formative years could potentially influence our connections later in life
- how we both hold space for each other through daily voice noting and how we have shifted from "wanting to help or fix" to a more "allowing space to follow the emotional wave and come to your own awareness" approach, and just how powerful simply being witnessed has been to both for both of us
- Jodie's super close relationship with her Mum and the impact that possibly had on female relationships outside of the home
- Kylie's take on autism, demand avoidance and how looking someone in the eyes screws with her sense of vulnerability when connecting
- understanding what you need and want in a friendship, and allowing friendships to come to natural conclusions if and when they need to.

Also mentioned in this episode: past Podcast Guest Bec Sparrow's Friendship Project (a collaboration with Lise and Sarah) which may be a good next step if finding or staying in touch with friends as an adult has been tricky for you too.  https://rebeccasparrow.com/friendship-project/ 



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