S3 E24: How the Story Unfolds with Kez Wickham St George

*TRIGGER WARNING* Please note Kez and Kylie talk briefly about domestic violence in this episode. If this is a difficult or triggering subject for you, it may be best to leave this episode unheard.

With multiple best-selling books and two prestigious Gold Titan Awards under her belt, Kez Wickham St George is a literary force to be reckoned with. Her storytelling prowess has earned her numerous accolades and recognition in the literary world.

Kez’s inspiring talks have taken her to prestigious platforms worldwide, including the NSW State Library, Global Women’s Summits, Crom Castle in Ireland, and Ako Japan. Her passion for writing and publishing shines through in every engaging presentation.

Kez and I chat about:

  • under-the-table adventures of Kez' early childhood where she honed the skill of listening to the energy of the words, not the words themselves
  • art school and the first creative processes around writing that Kez used with her art students
  • Kez' early first marriage on the wild Waiheke Island in New Zealand and the impacts of her abusive marriage, living in a small community where everyone knew your business
  • how this has made Kez passionate and committed to helping people be seen and self-expressed, both through writing and also art therapy
  • the process of writing, the unfolding story and the common concerns about "what will they think of me" when writing about your own story.

Find Kez online at https://kezwickhamstgeorge.com/ 



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