Hey there! I'm Kylie: Storyteller, Self Care School CEO and host of the Wild + (finally fcking) Free podcast show

I have always been obsessed with stories.


Because I deeply believe that unearthing our unhelpful stories and pulling that shame, guilt and hurt out into the light to be fully seen and heard is a wildly healing experience,

that sharing our stories holds deep transformative magic for ourselves and others, and

rewriting our stories and becoming the powerful Creators and Deciders of our life has the power to set us free.

I also happen to believe healing women, help heal their families, their friendship circles, their communities, the world.

And that is bloody good news for all of us.

The Wild + (finally fcking) Free podcast was born out of a deep desire to share the grounded, truth-talking, unedited stories of our Midlife years, and beyond.

The show shares the real and raw stories of women who are right in the messy, magical middle of midlife metamorphosis, or come out the other side;

and the healers and helpers who help us through these crossroads of change.

The years leading up to and during menopause are a rite of passage.

The wise woman inside is calling us: to slow down, to take stock, to speak our truth, to burn away all that no longer serves us, ready for our next cycle of life. 

It’s also a time when trauma, conditioning and other mental health crapola we’ve not yet faced tends to bubble up to the surface, no matter how hard we try to keep it locked down. 

The good news is, with the support, community, connection and sharing our stories and being truly seen + heard: we’ll travel through this powerful, sometimes painful, heroine’s journey and out the other side.

Thanks so much for agreeing to be on the show - I cannot wait to share you and your story with my audience!

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You know what I get told the most when I’m finished interviewing my guests or after a session with clients?

Things like:

“I never ever told anyone that before.”
“Thank you for making me feel so safe”
“I felt truly comfortable, even when I was sharing something that was painful or difficult for me.”
“I made so many connections in that interview that I had never made before"
“Interviewing and understanding the WHY is one of your natural gifts”

It seems I have a natural curiosity which lends itself to a very different interview experience to the formulaic Question 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 style that you may have encountered on other shows. 

This means I don't have set questions to send you, but given we are talking about your own story (and if you're a healer + helper, the work you do in the world) I'm going to go out on a limb and say you'll be just fine answering off the bat!

Here's what S2Ep4 Guest WellFemme Founder Dr KellyTeagle had to say about her menoPAUSE Pod interview experience:


"I absolutely LOVED being interviewed by Kylie.

She’s so relatable and personable, and incredibly generous with sharing her own personal experiences; I immediately felt at ease, so our the conversation just flowed.

Kylie brings out the best in her guests so that their knowledge and unique insights can really shine through.

It was an absolute pleasure, and I now have a podcast episode to proudly share with my audience."

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 18.23.26

In the 12 months since we launched a little over a year ago, the podcast has shot to 15000+ downloads and counting, with listeners in 63 countries across Australia, Oceania, the Americas and Europe!

These stories resonate so strongly with other women in midlife!

... and 2024 brings big plans to share, heal and hear so many more stories of midlife magic and to help break down the stereotypical BS around ageing, beauty, health and womanhood in our 40s. 50s and well beyond!

The show shares both the stories of women who are brave enough to truth-talk their own journeys (the good, the bad and the downright painful) and the gold from healers and helpers who help women transition through these times of crossroads.

If you're a healer or helper who happens to be in midlife, feel free to share your personal story too - it's up to you and the questions in the bookings link below will let me know which way you want to go.

Here's a few things you should know:

  • Interviews are recorded via Zoom in video format so we can connect during the interview recording process.
  • The audio is shared on podcast platforms 
  • The full video is published to YouTube
  • I share the podcast as it is published, and then repeat share as a podcast throwback every few months to capture our new audience members.
  • I also use a little 90-second snip of our video for social sharing too.
  • You will be sent your podcast cover, quote, and video snip so you can use and share as you would like

Please do not feel the pressure to get "done up"

I will more than likely have messy hair and t-shirt on - and this is all about women turning up as their raw, real selves, so there's no need to be anything but YOU!

The podcast booking is for 75 minutes - we will spend approximately 10 minutes with a brief chat about what you specifically want to share, and to ask any clarifying Qs before we hit record for approximately an hour.

And please, if you're in a non-Aussie timezone and these times don't fit

email me at support@kyliepatchett.com with your timezone and times that could suit you, and we will work something out.

Want to check out the show to get the feel for my

"let's chat like we're sharing a cuppa together" informal style? 

Here's where you'll find links to the show and my 80+ strong back catalogue of real, raw stories on all your favourite platforms:

Psst, like a lot of us in Midlife, this podcast has had an identity shift - from Wild + Free... to the menoPAUSE pod ... and back again (just in case you're wondering about the different brand in Season 2!)

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